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M/S Tibrewal Chand & Co. (TCC) is a renowned professional accounting firm in Western Orissa, India, that provides business advisory to several individuals and leading businesses since 1984. Driven by experience, expertise and can-do attitude, TCC has achieved exponential growth since its inception. A wide range of services are offered to a varied client base across the areas of Audit, Corporate Law, Finance, Taxation, Management, Planning and allied matters.


In times when financial risks are riddled with complexities, there is a need for a larger and more appropriate assertions. We carry out audits with the highest ethical values, and with integrity, leading to a strong and unbiased opinion. Our audit services include:

Tax Audits

Under Indian Income Tax Act, an audit certificate is required to be attached under certain circumstances. The matters covered, by this kind of audit are prescribed by the Income Tax Act.

Statutory Audits

Mandatory Audits of Public Companies and Private Limited Companies as prescribed under The Companies Act, 1956 is conducted. These types of Audits are conducted to report to the shareholders whether the financial statements prepared by the company show a true and fair position of the state of affairs of the company. Besides, various other matters prescribed under Section 227 of the Companies Act, 1956 are examined & reported.

Besides, Statutory Audits prescribed under several other statutes like the Indian Trusts Act, Co-operative Societies Act, the Societies Registration Act, etc. are also conducted.

Bank Audits

These cover the audit of Branches of Scheduled Banks and are multipurpose based. It involves statutory audits of the Bank under Companies Act, 1956, Banking Regulations Act and Tax Audit under Income Tax Act. A special Audit Report (called Long Form Audit Report (LFAR)) is also prepared and submitted to the Bank. The focus of the LFAR is on efficient working of the bank, compliance with prudential norms prescribed by RBI regarding Assets Classification etc., adherence to system and procedures particularly related to the loan appraisal, disbursement and monitoring.

Insurance Audits

Audit of Insurance Companies is carried out under the Insurance Act and the Companies Act. The objective is to ascertain whether the accounts give a true picture of the state of affairs of the Insurance Company, whether all the premiums received and the claims settled have been properly recorded in the books, and whether proper internal controls exist in the organization.

Internal / Management Audits & Internal Control Reviews

The internal / Management Audits are conducted as required by the management. The scope of the work in case of internal / management audit is decided by the Management and the findings/ observations/ suggestions are reported to the top Management only. Broadly, the objective of this audit is to evaluate the existing systems and controls in an organization and suggest effective ways to improve upon it. Such reviews / audits are generally carried out to prevent revenue leakages, test effectiveness and control and reduce costs.

Special Purpose Audits

As the title suggests these audits are limited purpose audits and carried out with specific objective set by the client. Some of the Special Purpose Audits are explained below:

Audit of NBFC’s: Audit of Non-Banking Financial Companies is conducted on behalf of the Reserve Bank of India. The objective of this audit is to ensure compliance by the NBFC, with the directions, prudential norms and capital adequacy norms etc. prescribed by RBI.

Stock Verification: This type of audit is conducted on behalf of the Banks to verify the Stocks and other Assets hypothecated to the bank by the borrowers.

Business & Corporate Laws

Registrar of Companies

We assist companies
- Obtain necessary approvals and registration of the company with the Registrar of Companies
- Ensure compliance with numerous formalities under the Companies Act
- With timely preparation, maintenance and filing of statutory records / returns with the company law authorities
- With presentation before the Registrar of Companies and Department of Company affairs
- With presentation before the Company Law Board

Secretarial Services

A special team is in place to advice and offer complete assistance in maintaining all statutory records under the Companies Act.

Stock Exchange & SEBI Act

Companies are required to ensure compliance with various formalities under the listing agreements with the Stock Exchanges and SEBI Act. We help them with timely preparation, maintenance and filing of required papers / documents with the Stock Exchanges and SEBI authorities.

Reserve Bank of India and Foreign Exchange Management Act:

We help with planning, advising and assistance to ensure compliance / obtain approvals from the apex exchange control authority through liaisoning with various RBI offices.

Corporate Planning & Restructuring

At times, due to number of years of sustained growth, businesses are too caught up investing time and energy on production or marketing activities, overlooking the critical aspect of structuring the various brands and companies in the group. This often results in companies being over leveraged, or undercapitalized. Some have even failed to take advantage of their capital due to several constraints.

Through their life cycle, businesses have embraced the idea of better planning and restructuring to correct courses, and hence restore profitable operations. We help our clients with the process of Corporate Planning and Restructuring which encompasses the areas of preparing Corporate Vision Statement, SWOT analyses, Capital Restructuring, Debt Restructuring, and many other services. In the best interest of the Company, restructuring of the business by mergers, acquisitions, de-mergers, hive offs, recapitalisation, etc. are also advised and carried out by us.

Project Financing

Project finance is an innovative financing technique which is commonly used to fund large scale projects. It is a non-recourse financing structure that depends mostly on the project's cash flow for reimbursement with the project's possessions held as secondary security or collateral. As more and more businesses are opting for project finance, it is quickly becoming the most preferred option in the area of conventional financing. We help clients with preparation of project and feasibility reports, liaisoning with various Institutions and Banks for approval and disbursement of Term Loans, Working Capital and other fund and non-fund based facilities for new and existing projects.

Some of the primary advantages of Project Finance are:

- Non-recourse or limited recourse to the project sponsor
- Maximization of financial leverage over conventional financing
- Off- balance sheet treatment depending on the structure
- Maximization of tax benefits
- Combined Construction and Take-out Financing
- Fixed and variable interest rate options
- Fixed long term interest rate options to minimize interest rate risk


Armed with technical knowledge and experience, our team of tax planners provides a broad range of tax advisory services that is fully customized to suit the needs of businesses and individuals. We begin managing tax burden of our clients by ensuring compliance, and then move onto planning your business their business matters well. Our objective is to safeguard our client's wealth by minimizing their liabilities. We serve many clients with

- Timely preparation and filing of statutory documents with the Revenue authorities
- Helping them plan appropriate tax
- Reducing individual’s / company’s tax burden
- Offering guidance on transactions to save tax
- Providing opinions on various contentious issues and facilitating interpretations of various provisions of the Act.
- Presentation before Revenue and Appellate authorities
- Planning, compliance and representation in connection with withholding taxes viz. Employees Salary, Payments to Contractors & Professionals, Rentals, Brokerage, Royalties / Technical Services, Interest Payments, and Payments to Non-Residents/Foreign nationals /entities

Trade Finance

At TCC, we help assess the working capital needs of the clients, and help them structure the right mix of funding their trade finance and working capital requirements. We also assist our clients in sourcing trade finance at the lowest cost, with the best possible terms and specifically suited to the requirements. All the illustrious years in the industry have augured well for us in terms of the trust we have built with several reputed banking and financing institutions.

Our strength lies in arranging Equity and Debt Finance for Corporates, which include Strategic Partnerships, Private Equity by Institutions, Trade Finance, Working Capital Facilities, Buyer’s and Seller’s Credits, Equipment and Machinery Lease Finance, Project Finance, Islamic Finance, etc. Our structured trade finance service covers the areas of arranging prepayment/ pre-export finance, inventory financing, amenities for intermediaries, transactional finance, invoice financing, and Export Credit Agency (ECA) Financing.

We take pride in having completed several crucial financing deals during recession, and that too in record times. We currently hold mandates for arranging finance for major private sector companies as well as publicly traded and government related institutions. Top priority is accorded to protecting client’s information and maintaining strict confidentiality.

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At Tibrewal Chand & Co. (TCC), we firmly believe that our values have made us what we are today. We are fully committed to uphold these values:-

Ethics   Ethics
Quality   Quality
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Our Clients

We take immense pride in our long list of clients who are fully satisfied with our personal approach, and appreciate us taking time to really get to understand them and their business ambitions and doing our best to assist them realize these. The dedicated team of professionals lends benefits of their immense knowledge and experience to several domestic and international clients of various sizes, from different industries. We also help several international clients and MNCs, leveraging off both our firms' local knowledge and access to our global network, helping them overcome language and cultural barriers and come to terms with unfamiliar legal and governance systems.

To ensure confidentiality and professional ethics, names and nature of business of clients are not provided on the website.

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